Social Work At Any Level

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Social work at any level is working with people in an effort to understand the interaction between the individual and their environment. Once understood, social workers assume the role of providing accommodations on all three levels of interaction. The first step is to identify one’s own system and where we personal meet our environment. In examining my own ecological system, there is a micro, mezzo and macro level that seems to have always work congruently to shape my life and view of the world. The innermost system is the micro-level, which consists of my parents, brother and close friends. In living with my immediate family, I interact with them everyday. My parents through their parent style have shaped many of the values and the …show more content…

The mezzo system generally consists of different communities. Coming from a Latino family, I have a large extended family that I do not interact with everyday, but are part of my mezzo system. We tend to gather on days of celebration, like holidays. My neighborhood is also one of my primary communities since it has an effect on my daily life. Local policies and gentrification have changed my community into one that is relatively responsive to the people in the area. Living in New York City is a larger scale community system, although this is a small section of New York State, it does have its own culture. There is also my school communities, like high school and college that has a very active alumni network. Alumni events allow previous students to connect with one another but also provide the opportunity to help current and perspective students through fundraising. Therefore my actions in these events affect my role in this system. Fordham University and the upcoming field placement are within the mezzo level. These organizations and communities have an influence on my life and others in these communities. My faith and religious practices are categorized in the mezzo system. I am from an interdenominational Christian church, which promotes inclusivity. I use the general term, Christian because I do not agree with some of the beliefs in most denominations. Therefore I believe people from different Christian sects can come

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