Social Work In The Military

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Social work is a profession which seeks to better the lives of those in need. The need can look like anything from political advocacy to those who are hungry. A social worker can be found in an organization which has a purpose that is enhanced or aided by the work we do which is guided by the ethics and values of the profession. From social workers in a clinical setting to those in public libraries, these ethics and values unite professionals in a variety of places and roles. The accountability and standards social work has aids the individual and profession to keep the best candidates in the different positions we take. A social worker is like a medic in the military. A medic is part of a unit that is there to assist the mission and provide medical aide when necessary. The thread of social work connects good people to a common goal. I have not had a specific moment in my life that has led me to social work, however I have had culminating incidents throughout my life which have made my calling to this field clear. The first incident I recall was a time I felt regret for not doing something. I attended public school for all but two years of my…show more content…
Military issues have gotten more attention than in the past. People are aware of PTSD and TBI as common issues among the military, suicide and sexual abuse get attention as well. These issues should continue to receive public attention and more common issues should be spotlighted as well. For many soldiers the military is their first job, first time being on their own away from family and the first time they have had to deal with their finances. Many soldiers are only legally adults and still have a lot of growing up to do. Soldiers step into a machine that will get everything it can from them and get spit out when it is satisfied. The military will also provide food, clothing, shelter and support to help young soldiers become great
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