Software Development Company And An Entertainment Provider

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Of all international companies, Microsoft has to be one of the largest. Microsoft is a mix between a Software Development company and an Entertainment Provider. With millions of PC’s around the world running Microsoft’s Windows, it is easy to see their influence. Not only that, but their other products such as Xbox and Microsoft Office used across the world. Almost every company uses some aspect of Microsoft office, and any gamer owns or has used an Xbox console in their life. Microsoft employed over 100, 000 people since 2014, and has made a net profit of roughly 5.3 billion United States Dollars. Overall, Microsoft has snaked itself into almost ever partition of our lives, both at the office and at home. Microsoft started off as a small…show more content…
While such a task is momentous, companies like Microsoft that have the manpower and infrastructure for creating such a family.
Microsoft’s Vision statement is much less adventurous but significantly vaguer. "At our core, Microsoft is the productivity and Platform Company for the mobile-first and cloud-first world. We will reinvent productivity to empower every person and every organization on the planet to do more and achieve more." Again, Microsoft identifies as a mobile-first company. Perhaps this is a unnoticed inkling of a more peripatetic family of devices, devices that prefer, and take advantage of, a life with noticeably more transit. They also seek to prioritize productivity, whereas such a goal is very hard to attain as a single entity. However, the steps to enhance and put first productivity are much more tangible and return a much faster investment, so to speak.
Microsoft has also developed several goals for their company. However, the main extent of them can be summed up in their first goal. “Encourage the efficient use of resources and to acquire accountability for stewardship of these resources” Once again, the company is attempting to maximize resources and prioritize productivity. In addition, they wish to obtain and maintain control of these aspects. But, who inside Microsoft creates and certifies these Statements and Goals?
The organizational layout of Microsoft is very
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