Software Technology On Student Learning

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Carlos Preciado
Dr. Zimmerman
English IV
November 12, 2015

Software Technology on Student Learning
My topic for the Senior Exhibition is Software Technology. I want to demonstrate how using technology can enhance a high school students learning experience. By knowing what I know about Software Technology I want to demonstrate how effective it can be to the educational system. As a learning experience, It will include my interview with my mentor and all the sources I cited. It will also include the ideas that will be required to commence my project right away. Technology has impacted our lives with it 's extraordinary stuff it can do. Finding almost all the answers to literally anything, technology can be the answer to be a successful future. Creating software programs is much harder than it sounds like. You need to know how to write code in a computer JavaScript which many people do not know what it is or what it means. A JavaScript is a blank page where you write commands (code) to order the computer to display and demonstrate it on the user computer screen. Students these past few years, have been utilizing their mobile phones or tablets as a resource to assist them with any of their assignments. There are already some few software applications in smartphones that allow the user to get help on any subject for the sake of learning with videos or with hands-on tutorials. Technology has advanced so much it’s been idealized as perfection on computer platforms.

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