Solubility Of Organic Chemistry Lab Essay

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Results and Discussion
Nathasha Thisarani
Organic Chemistry Lab, Professor Lichtman

Table 1 – Solubility of Solid Compounds Solvents
Solid Organic Compounds Water (highly polar)
1ml Methyl Alcohol (intermediate polarity)
1ml Hexane (nonpolar)
Benzophenone (.045g) Insoluble Soluble Soluble
Malonic acid (.041g) Soluble Soluble Insoluble
Biphenyl (.042g) Insoluble Partially Soluble Soluble
The solubility of solid compounds was studied during part A of the experiment. The results are recorded in Table 1. One ml each of the solvents water, methyl alcohol, and hexane were added separately to the solid organic compounds Benzophenone (.045g), malonic acid (.041g), and biphenyl (.042g). Together benzophenone and water are insoluble, benzophenone and methyl Alcohol are soluble, and Benzophenone and Hexane are soluble. Malonic acid and water are soluble, Malonic acid and Methyl Alcohol are soluble, and Malonic acid and Hexane are insoluble. Biphenyl and water are insoluble, Biphenyl and Methyl Alcohol are partially soluble, and Biphenyl and Hexane are soluble.
Table 2 – Solubility of Different Alcohols Solvents
Alcohols (20 drops total) Water (1ml) Hexane (1ml)
1-Octanol Insoluble Soluble
1-Butanol Insoluble Soluble
Methyl Alcohol Soluble Soluble
The solubility of different alcohols was studied during part B of this experiment. The results are recorded in Table 2. A total of 20 drops of 1-Octanol and 1ml of water yields an insoluble
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