Solution To The Air Pollution In Delhi, India

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Air pollution has been an ever-growing concern in the world. With the rise of fossil fuels and industry, air quality has been declining around the world. While this is not novel information, recently, rapid developing cities have been highlighted as producing hazardous levels of air quality. Air pollution causes adverse health effects such as lung and heart disease, respiratory problems, asthma attacks, and more. One of these critical level cities is Delhi, India. Just a few months ago a health emergency was declared due to the worsening air pollution levels. Pictures of roads and sidewalks shadowed by a permanent gray fog appeared in newspapers and even social media caught wind of the issue, with Snapchat having a story with citizens sending videos with masks on and kids being sent home from school. This paper delves into the background and current knowledge around the air pollution problem as caused by motor vehicles while analyzing potential solutions to the problem. Delhi is one the largest cities in the world with approximately 19 million people. With such a large population in a congested area there is bound to problems with health. While Delhi has always suffered from poor air quality, recently the situation has worsened. The US Embassy measures PM2.5 constantly under EPA standards, and as of today the air quality index is at 212, corresponding to “very unhealthy”. According to the US Embassy website, “AQI values between 201 and 300 trigger a health

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