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Chapter 17, 18. And 19 Group Exercise

Group 1

Laramie Cook

Rodrick Ingram

Candace Pinkney

Konstance Sheffield

MKT 6661 XTIA – Strategic Marketing Management

Chapter 17

1. What communications objectives are appropriate for Sonic’s initial campaign?

Brand Awareness – As discussed in the text, brand awareness provides a foundation for brand equity. Consumers are more likely to recognize a package than to recall a brand name. Chapter 12 discussed ways in which Sonic can use packaging and labeling to support its brand image. Sonic will use red for energy and power, orange for fun and value, blue for productivity, brown for a sense of masculinity, and black to work as an accent for the other colors. The idea …show more content…

Informative advertising creates brand awareness and knowledge of the new products, where persuasive advertising aims to create liking and preference, resulting in the purchase of the new product (Kotler, Keller, 2012). Therefore both informative and persuasive advertising are will be very important consideration for the Sonic as it begins to use consumer advertising.

2. Should Sonic continue consumer and trade sales promotion after the new product has been in the market for six months? Explain.

Sales promotion consist of a collection of incentive tools designed to stimulate quicker or great purchase of particular products or services by consumers or the trade. Consumer promotions are samples, coupons, cash refunds, prices off, free trials, etc. Trade promotions are prices off, advertising and display allowances, and free goods. Since Sonic will be entering into an already established market of high brand similarity, their main focus will be to attract brand switchers because the targeted market already owns some type of PDA. Sonic should not continue consumer and trade promotions after the new products have been in the market for six months because sales promotions in markets of high brand similarity can produce a high sales response in the short run but little permanent gain in brand preference over the long term.
(Kotler, 2012) 3. Jane Melody wants you to recommend an event sponsorship possibility that would be appropriate for

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