Soul Surfer Characteristics

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What are the characteristics of a good student? I will be focusing on Bethany Hamilton from the movie Soul Surfer and her characteristics of a good student. This woman has been through everything, which you will soon learn, and somehow never lost herself or her faith. How does she not lose faith and go off track from her goals? Let’s find out.
Soul Surfer is a movie about a young woman who was on top of the surfing world and then her arm is bitten off by a shark, so she thinks that her time with surfing is over. She goes through many trials to get back to surfing and she became an inspiration to many. Throughout this movie she stays true to her faith, even though it seems like the world is crashing around her. Near the end of the movie Bethany …show more content…

This woman was in the darkest part of her life and with her family and friends she got up and began living again. Her family did help her through it, but she is the only one who can help herself. She begins to realise this and she picks things up. She dreams about surfing again, even though she only has one arm. She thought of ways how doing it and began training as hard as she could. She never quit on her dreams no matter how hard her life got. In the movie, Soul Surfer, Bethany had a limited time to relearn her surfing abilities that she was taught throughout her entire life. She had no time to waste, therefore, she had to use self-management to get everything done that she needed. She planned out her goals and dreams, then, she took the actions to make her goals and dreams into her real life. That’s why she used eloquent self-management throughout her struggle. In this movie, Bethany’s father helped her the most in my opinion. He helped her get out of her state of depression and lead her on the right path to continue her dreams from where they left off. When she needed help she would allow her dad to help her along the way. Her father became her life coach when she needed it the most. She employed interdependence by allowing her father to become her surfing coach throughout this time of trial in her

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