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This paper intends to inform the reader about the history of breakfast and how it came to exist in the form in which it is consumed today; while also bringing to light the importance of breakfast, despite limitations due to time, particularly among young students and working people (millennials), by bringing forth the benefits of eating in the mornings, and also building relationships and connecting through meals.

The Tudors of England invented the very concept of breakfast. Breakfast was a nameless, non time-specific, non-entity that did not even exist before 1600. The origin of the word breakfast can be traced back to 1463. According to the Oxford Dictionary, breakfast was used as a noun to describe the meal with which a person breaks his
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For example, Indian breakfasts like dosa, traditionally eaten by hand, usually with a side like chutney or sambar have no roots in British colonialism, but rather was a product of availability and convenience of source food. The traditional south Indian breakfast consists of savory dishes like idli, appam, dosa, etc. The north Indian breakfast consists of more rice-based foods like poha. In addition to savory, sweet dishes like oats and sweet pongal are also part of traditional breakfast habits of Indians.

It is useful to point out that we have come full circle in today’s day and age, from where breakfast started, where it might indeed be considered a luxury few can afford; not only in terms of money but in terms of time. Millennials are bogged down by commitments, clock-bound deadlines, and are pressed for time. This can be attributed to the growing age of technology where cycles move faster. Everything from news cycles to deadlines has been shortening drastically to accommodate for a newer form of
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The volunteers under study showed up to 500 cal more energy consumption in light intensity movement as compared to that of their breakfast-skipping counterparts. Breakfast skippers were not compelled to gouge down more during lunch or dinner, but did feel more sluggish in the mornings.

To sum it up, the study revealed that in terms of weight loss, breakfast ‘may just be another meal’, but when it comes to getting that engine revved up, and stepping on the gas to power through the day, breakfast is in fact very important.

Marketing in the mid 1800s had an impact on the popularity of breakfast and how it was perceived. Before corporate cereal advertising, breakfast was in fact not given that much importance. It was viewed to be the same as lunch or dinner. The advent of the cereal market added a new dimension to breakfast. Advertising had a significant influence on the perception that breakfast was the most important meal of the
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