Speech On Head And Neck Cancer

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Head and neck cancer is one of the highly prevalent cancers in developing countries like India.[1,2] The epidemiology and biology of head and neck cancer in developing countries are different from that of developed countries.[3] Therefore, the treatment data from Western literature should be extrapolated with caution in developing countries like India.
Also In the world, approximately 75% of patients with head and neck malignancies present with locally advanced disease.
Among Indian population, incidence of head and neck cancer had estimated 12.48 and 5.52 per 100,000 populations in male and female respectively. Estimated mortality is about 3.48 and 1.34 per 100,000 in male and female, respectively.[4]
In most cases, due to extensive locoregional …show more content…

At our center, the registry of year 2011 recorded 1106 new cases of head and neck cancer which constitute about 24.7% of total registered patients. The common malignancies registered were carcinoma of tongue: 287 (25.94%), Buccal mucosa: 254 (22.96%),palate:84(7.5%),Lip:60(5.4%),GingivoBuccalSulcus:69(6.2%), Alveolus:31(2.8%) ,Tonsil: 160 (14.46%), laryngopharynx: 66 (5.9%), nasopharynx: 24 (2.16%) and post cricoid …show more content…

At one month assessment, 189 (37%) achieved a partial response and had ambulatory physical state suited for further curative-dose radiotherapy. The main acute toxicity of palliative radiotherapy was patchy oro-pharyngeal mucositis and dermatitis. Median overall survival was 200 days. One hundred fifty three patients who went on to receive further curative dose had significantly overall survival of 400

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