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of a sports marketer degree is at the end of their education they have to finish an internship which they can get a feel for what they will be doing with their degree and helps them network.
Sport marketers have to always be on their game, always ready for what is thrown at them. The world of sports is very competitive and a sports marketer should do as much as he or she can during their four years of education to separate themselves from others. That starts off by volunteering for things in your community, like marathons, and also networking with people around the campus. One of the most interesting things about being a sport marketer is the many different people you can work with in an organization. There is a wide variety of people and
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The reason why is because it fits my personal skills and what I want to do the best, and I feel like I can really be successful in this career path. I have many of the skillsets that are needed for this job, this job fits my hardworking personality, and also my way of getting to meet new people and building relationships with them. Coming to college has really helped me with my work ethic, realizing that what you do in your four years of education decide what you do for the rest of your life, so doing everything you can do to succeed will pay off, that’s one thing that I have realized I need to start doing more for this career field. Some things I would have to work on would be giving presentations for clients and the people I work with; I am getting better at it as my college career continues but it is something that I need to improve. My ability to be creative and to bring ideas that no one else will have to the table is what will help me set myself apart from other people around me. Instead of giving my boss a yes or no answer, I will give him an idea, whether it works or not it’s better then saying no. My hardworking abilities, and the way I am able to communicate and network with many people is why I think I can be successful in this career path. My ultimate goal would be to work for and organization like the NCAA, and this is something I truly believe I can do with my hard work and dedication to getting work
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