Standard Authorization Analysis

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When necessary, care homes or hospitals are required to ask a local authority if they can deprive a person of their liberty. This is known as Standard Authorization. There are six assessments which have to take place before the Standard Authorization can be given. These assessments are set to determine a number of relevant factors. The assessments include an age assessment to confirm if the individual is 16 or over. A No refusals assessment which is to establish whether an authorisation would conflict with a pre-existing authority for decision-making for the individual, such as an advance decision to refuse treatment under the legislation 2005. A mental capacity assessment, this assessment establishes whether the individual lacks the capacity to decide whether or not they should be admitted to a hospital or care home to receive care. The mental health assessment which determines if the individual in question has a mental disorder within the list of the Mental Health Act 1983. The purpose of this assessment is to ensure that the individual is medically diagnosed as being of “unsound mind”. The eligibility assessment that relates specifically to the relevant individual’s status, or potential status, under the Mental Health Act. An individual is considered to be eligible unless they…show more content…
This is called the relevant person's representative and is often a trusted family member or friend. Other safeguards include rights to challenge the authorizations in the Court of Protection, and access to the Independent Mental Health Advocacy.
When it comes to providing authorization and determining whether it is really required, each case must be individually assessed and an informed decision made must be made. This further proves the importance of the safeguards and their protection of individuals considered to be
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