Starbucks Company : A Successful Internet Distributor Of All Things From Shoes

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Zappos!.com company is a very successful Internet distributor of all things from shoes (every type and need), apparel (Casual and sporting), jewelry, etc. with sizes to fit babies to adults. It was born from a need of Nick Swinmurn (Zappos founder) was searching the malls for a certain shoe and was unable to find the right size, color, or style in any of the shops. He searched on the internet and still could not find any site that carried the shoe in stock. So in 1999, with anything being possible he quit his job and started his own online shoe distribution site. The philosophy of the business is don’t advertise or list it if it isn’t available to be sent to the customer. (Zappos, 2009)
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People will buy from the company with the best service and the best selection. will be that online store. employees live by the mission and vision statements. They exude the meanings in everyday work. The Zappos management has instilled these ideas by living them also. Every employee can recite these two statements along with the core values. One employee on the YouTube video “Zappos Company Culture” stated that the core values have become part of her values even outside of the company as she had found $40 that had been left in a cash dispenser and it dawned on her that she needed to turn it and “WOW!” the customer who had left it. Another employee on that same video stated that he represented the company in the office and outside in the world, so he lived the core values everyday all day (Gallucci, 2011). The Mission and Vision statements are displayed along with the core values on huge banners throughout the facility. Management seems to have brought a family-ness between the employees and allowed them to bond together in mission to become the best internet option for the customers. Zappos employees state that the management believes in taking care of the employees first. This philosophy spills out over to the customers in service excellence. Employees are empowered to make decisions without customer approval in the way of gift baskets, or thank-you cards for people whose

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