State-of-the-art E-mail Encryptions

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However, traditional email protocol is insecure because the message that has been transmitted is in plain text. Someone can intercepts copy or even alter the emails. Individual privacies such as personal/commercial secrets, bank transaction and even the countries intelligence information that send through email are more vulnerable to be hacked. Therefore, the security of emails has raised the attention of community. The primary explanations behind the Email communication not utilizing encryption is that the current Email encryption results require monotonous operations and hard key administrations. In this way, research about on basic, very secured also effective Email content protection frameworks are in incredible need.

This paper will discuss about some background information is provided, state-of-art email encryptions are reviewed and the IBE scheme is introduced. Then an encryption system based on IBE, DNS and proxy service is proposed.

The protected informing framework has three profits: keeping sensitivity information private, keeping anybody from messing with the substance of the message and validating the personality of both the message sender and receiver. The two primary security administrations gave by the current secured email system are
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