Stay Fit Fitness Club Marketing Plan Analysis

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MARKETING PLAN 4 Running Head: MARKETING PLAN 1 Table of content 1.0 Executive summary 4 2.0 Situational Analysis 5 2.1 Market Summary 6 2.2 SWOT Analysis 6 2.3 Competition 6 2.4 Product / Service Offering 7 2.5 Keys to Success 7 2.6 Critical Issues 8 3.0 Marketing strategy 8 3.1 Mission 9 3.2 Marketing Objectives 10 3.3 Financial Objectives 11 3.4 Target Markets 12 3.5 Positioning 13 3.6 Strategies 14 3.7 Marketing Mix 15 4.0 Controls 16 4.1 Implementation 17 4.2 Marketing Organization 18 4.3 Contingency Planning 18 5.0 Conclusion 19 6.0 References 20 Executive summary The marketing plan covers the organization Stay Fit situated in Hoffman estate. The privately owned business offers fitness services to its clientele. Economic growth in the nation is stagnant and competition facing the business is high. The business has adopted a marketing strategy to increase market share and ensure that it remains profitable. The paper evaluates the environment in which the business is located to determine the useful marketing strategies to use. The position of the company is also evaluated and the factors affecting its position in the market. The objectives of the organization enable the management to understand the goals of the organization. The paper covers marketing mix used by the organization as a marketing strategy. Marketing mix enables the organization to sell its products in the competitive market. Through marketing mix, the
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