Stone Breakers And The Stone Breakers

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The mid 1800’s in France was truly a period for challenging arising issues in the midst a great change. Gustave Courbet’s The Stone Breakers and-Jean Francois Millet’s The Gleaners, are two paintings that use the style of realism to convey a unique perspective of the reality around them. (subjects, brush stroke, background)
The Stone Breakers is a painting that was created in the year 1849, by French artist Gustave Courbet. This painting has the dimensions of 165 x 257 cm, and was done with the medium oil on canvas. Upon first glance, a viewer can see this work as two males doing that remove and break stone from a road that is being built. However, the painting’s connotative meaning shows a man that appears to be too old and a boy that appears to be too young for such harsh labour. Courbet had made this decision with the intention of sharing his perspective on the reality of the abuse and deprivation that had occurred in French rural life during that time period. Courbet’s intentions are significant because they display a truthful perspective while using ordinary people. Courbet refrained from using subjects of people who are wealthy, and live a more glamourous lifestyle, which was a norm for many french artists to incorporate in their work. The Stone Breakers is a painting that challenges the ideologies in society, and provide viewers with a new way of thinking towards the norms of labour in the society during the time period.
The Gleaners is a painting that was

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