Strategic Change Management Decisions And Process For Long Term Structure

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Managing strategic change is fundamental to business success

Module No: 368SAM Module Title: Strategy in Action

Student Name: Zhi Long Sia Student ID: 5225745 Strategic change management is the management decisions and process for long term structure in the organisation. The strategic change management defined as the process as a systematic approach for managing strategic change which consists of positioning the firm through strategy and capability planning, real time strategic response through issue management and systematic management of resistance during strategic implementation (Karami, A. and Analoui, F. 2003:4). It also means that it is a set of tools for managing the people side of change to achieve the required outcome of a change project.

Strategic change management has divided into three elements, which are situational awareness, supporting structure and strategy analysis. To build up situational awareness had three steps. Firstly, change characteristic. Understand of the change and who will be impacted by it. Next, organizational attributes which mean work to understand the people or groups being impacted by the change. The organizational attributes are related to the history and culture in the organization and describe the backdrop against which this particular change is being introduced (Thompson, J. & Martin, F. 2005:20). The final step is impacted groups which mean to develop a map of who in the organization is being impacted by the change and
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