Strategic Plan Part 1: Conceptualizing a Business Essay

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Strategic Plan Part 1: Conceptualizing a Business

Strategic Plan, Part 1: Conceptualizing a Business
BUS 475
University of Phoenix
March 18, 2013

Strategic plan part 1: Conceptualizing a business

When conceptualizing a business it is important to make sure to create a high quality strategic plan. This plan will help to detail a company’s vision, mission, values, goals, and direction that will be desired once the company has been started. When deciding to start a new company one must decide the best type of business would suit someone as well as to be a successful company. Once this has been completed the strategic plan can be started.
Our Mission Statement Starting in 2012 my business partner and I started
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We will provide continued training for the staff so that they can support the doctors and assist clients where needed. We will work to continually provide state of the art equipment like digital radiographs and ultrasonography. In the future our goal will be to bring in specialty doctors like board certified veterinary dentists, homeopathic specialists, and internal medicine specialists. In order to help support the medicine our vision is to offer a high quality salon and spa for our four legged clients. Grooming is a very important part of keeping animals healthy and therefore it is our vision to offer high quality grooming services at an affordable price. Customer service will also play a large part in our business vision. To grow a business you must have clients that want to return and therefore it will be priority to offer special training for all of our staff on how to offer the best customer service possible. We will work to teach how to handle tough situations, how to properly answer phones, work with social media, fast and efficient processing of clients, etc. Our goal will be to make sure that every pet and every client leave feeling happy and 100% satisfied with our care and service. With this vision we hope to grow our business over the next few years and become a dominating clinic in our area. We look to grow this business and hopefully expand into other areas as well. By understanding our vision we
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