Strategic Planning And Strategic Management Essay

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Before a business can strategically plan for the future, it must understand the overall strategic management process. According to Abraham (2012), “Strategic management is nothing less than steering and managing a company to be successful over time—not just for the next quarter or year, but for the long term.” (sec. 1.1). Many questions will be answered during this process. “What direction should the company go in, what industry will it compete in, and what products or services will be featured?” (Abraham, 2012, sec. 1.1). Strategic planning and strategic implementation are the two primary parts of strategic management. This paper will focus on strategic planning. The purpose of this paper is to describe a detailed strategic plan for The Club at Hidden Creek that will allow it to grow over the next three years. This paper will present Hidden Creek’s history and current business purpose, the present situation of Hidden Creek in the Northwest Florida golf market, and a complete Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analysis. History, Products, Services, and Major Competitors The Club at Hidden Creek is a golf course located in Navarre, Florida. Navarre is a smaller town positioned between the two larger tourist areas of Pensacola and Destin, Florida. The course was built in 1988 and has had multiple owners over the past 28 years and has seen its good years and bad years throughout its existence. This area will be discussed more in the “current

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