Strategy, Advocacy And Change Essay

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I. Topic: Strategy, Advocacy and Change
II. Definition and Description: include a definition and description for each key point you have learned about from the course materials. For example:
a. Strategy: is a long-term game plan in which planning and implementing are two basic principles in guiding an organization forward to a strong and productive future (Rowe & Dato-on Conway, p. 162).
i. Strategic Management is a concept derived from a for-profit technique to enhance organizational performance and provide meaningful information to stakeholders (Kong, p. 281). ii. Organizations that utilize a strategic plan are able to select how to use scarce resources on a long-term basis and lead the organization to competitive opportunities (Rowe & Dato-on Conway, p. 162). iii. Strategic management includes a clear understanding of the vision, mission, and values of the organization in the market place. It also creates the organization to analysis internal and external strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) (Rowe & Dato-on Conway, pp. 164-165)
b. Advocacy: is a general support for an idea or issue (Renz & Herman, p. 348).
i. Nonprofits are advocates for change they have the potential to create public policy changes that have profound impact on peoples’ lives. Nonprofits are able to connect to all members of society (Renz & Herman, p. 348). ii. Another component to advocacy is direct lobbying asking elected officials to take a particular position on a specific

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