Strengths And Objectives And Recommendations In Vietnam Manufacturing

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3.1. Strengths.
3.1.1 National policies. Our government has tax incentives and loans with low interest to make any business conditions for corporation to expand their production, upgrading and have renewal equipment to contribute to improving business efficiency. Also, the macro policy management state model creates many advantages for forwarding activities as innovation in customs law, import and export tax law.
3.1.2 Business. -The first convenience must be mentioned that the company has many advantages Port Logistics inherited from the parent company - Saigon Newport - because Saigon Newport is the biggest port operator in Vietnam, the annual output of clearance around 2.4 million TEUs
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From that, the activity of the company is also effected.
- Furthermore, many big companies which are professional and have a lot of years of experience in the logistics field even they have received increasing investment, stepping up operations in the Viet Nam market to contribute to increase competitiveness. Sai Gon New Port logistics enterprises will have to try hard in order not to lose contracts in these enterprises.
- The economy of Viet Nam is facing with many difficulties especially the crisis of economy so any port, shipping or logistics enterprises are also influenced not well. However, Sai Gon Newport Company is trying to widen more types of service especially logistics service so as to serve to export and import cargos. In addition, the amount of foreign customer of SNP is not very large.
3.2.2 Seasonality of operations delivery. Forwarding activities are often unstable due to workload changes by the time. Each time more, there are many contracts, employees have to continue to do but also when the workload decreases, there will be fewer contracts. This also affects to monthly revenue and income of the company and the company's
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