Strengths And Weaknesses Of Burger King

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Introduction Burger King was founded in 1953 and is one of the leading hamburger and sandwich fast food restaurants on the market. The company has grown so much that today it's operating in more than 70 countries and 90% of the restaurants are privately owned franchises. Using successful marketing strategies Burger King has managed to hold a strong position on the market, despite the strong competition and the challenges that can occur. It's biggest competitor, McDonald’s has managed to make the brand perception stronger globally than Burger King even though it's burgers being less tasty. Burger King is planning to merge with the Canadian coffee restaurant Tim Horton's and win the audience who love to enjoy quality coffee while eating their sandwiches and burgers.

Costumer analysis The company offers a huge variety of food and special offers to attract and retain loyal costumers. In North America, according to recent news, the company states that it's new costumer attraction has grown by a huge percent after the announcement of their latest product, Satisfries. These fries are almost like ordinary French fries, but the only difference being that they contain 20% less calories. This product brought a lot of new costumers, who after being surveyed said that the wouldn't have thought about Burger King otherwise.
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Having restaurants in more than 70 countries brings a huge Geographic Diversification. One really important thing is it's strong brand presence. People all over the world know the name Burger King and know what products they offer. Speaking of products another strength the fast food chain has is it's big menu. Basically you can make your own hamburger the way you desire. Finally Burger King has reached this fame by it's strong and appealing advertisements which in present are still pushing the company
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