Struggle To Feed Kids

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“Today, more than one-third of people under age 19 are overweight or obese,” (Schools Struggle to Feed Kids Healthy Food). Students are not getting the needed nutrition that their body needs to function. Many of the school food programs across the U.S. serve unhealthy food that is bad for the students eating it. Schools struggle to feed students healthy, whether it be because it is too expensive, or because it is the easiest to make. This one of the major problems in the U.S. Children who aren’t fed healthy food can become obese. “A 2009 study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association found that 94 percent of school lunches failed to meet the U.S. Agriculture Department's regulatory standards,” (Schools Struggle to Feed Kids Healthy Food). Most schools don’t feed their students healthy food at all. "In the school cafeteria you could buy soda, potato chips, snack cakes, corn dogs, French fries, apple turnovers, ice cream --you know, carnival food," (Schools Struggle to Feed Kids Healthy Food). The foods …show more content…

The HSC helps children make healthier food choices. “Research has shown that high levels of salt, fat and sugar in school lunches have contributed to the nationwide childhood obesity epidemic,” (Healthy Schools Campaign). Eating those kinds of food make it harder for students to concentrate in school. “In the 2012-2013 school year, the USDA debuted a revamped school lunch menu with higher nutrition standards. The revised standards included smaller portion sizes, twice as many servings of produce and only fat-free or low-fat milk,” (Healthy Schools Campaign). With the students eating healthier, they are not likely to come obese, and they also can focus better in school. This new menu helps students make better food choices, and get into a good habit of eating healthy. If children ate healthier, there would be less problem causing agents due to unhealthy

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