The Importance Of Eated Lunches In Schools

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Fast food restaurants have existed ever since the early 1900s. America’s love for fast food has made the fast-food industry one of the most successful industries in the world. However, many people are aware of the processed and genetically-modified ingredients in fast food that lead to detrimental effects such as disease and death. These kinds of foods have become a commodity of daily life, even in schools. The obesity epidemic has extended to even children because schools are giving students processed lunches that have little nutritional value. Nevertheless, students have fought for their right to eat what they desire even if it could harm their health or possibly kill them. Whether students agree or not; schools must take action in substituting and funding healthy lunches and snacks at school in order to fix the obesity epidemic once and for all. The school system should begin to decrease the number of processed foods served and sold at schools because processed lunches have allowed obesity rates to continue skyrocketing, harming the health of our future generation. Based on a survey administered to 100 students at Rosemead High, 71% of students said they do not eat the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables a day, which is 5-13 servings. This suggests that Bittman’s claim to subsidize vegetables could possibly contribute to a healthier society. Healthier snacks and lunches should be prioritized to keep students energetic, productive, and healthy. Many will argue

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