Student Reflection Essay

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I didn’t know what to expect on my first day of English 202. I had no idea what English 202 meant or what exactly I would be doing in the class. I quickly learned and began to understand what being an English major was all about. In my fall English 202 class, I did well with inward-looking theories and discovered that was my preferred way to approach a literary text, though I still enjoyed some out looking theories like psychoanalytic. Going forward in my major I would like to work on my time management skills and applying the notes from the professor and TA to my paper. The theory that I found worked for me the best was the discourse analysis theory. When I first heard about this theory I didn’t think it would work for me because I never felt like grammar was one of my strong suits. Though when we started learning more about the theory I began to understand it more. The part of the theory I enjoyed the most was that I didn’t have to look for outside sources when reading the poem. All of the information I needed was already there in the text. Some people find this constraining, but I like that the only thing we have to work with is the poem itself. Another thing I enjoyed about this theory was that it felt like the information you were using was more concrete because it was right there in the poem. What I mean by that is with outward theories it felt like everything was very abstract and up for interpretation. I like that with inward theories everything is a

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