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MD13-0005 Case Analysis: SuperJuice I. Problem Statement * Facts of the Case Luisa de la Cruz, CEO of SuperJuice * Worked her way up the corporate ladder for 15 years SuperJuice - a Florida-based company that produces and markets juice drinks to high schools and restaurants throughout the Southeast * The most successful juice drink maker in the region for almost two decades * Established efficient sets of system both in the factory and at the headquarters * Managers focus on making high-quality products with minimum expenses * Most of the company’s 200 employees had joined the company right after graduating (high school or college) and liked how the company operated * Employees were always…show more content…
By being too focused on internal affairs and sticking to the same game plan that they’ve been using for years, they forgot about the fact that the other players in the industry have been a few steps ahead of them already. Clearly, SuperJuice illustrates the ill effects of having unadaptive corporate cultures in which managers who are more concerned about themselves and their values tend to discourage risk taking and change. Another way to interpret why SuperJuice’s organizational culture does not translate to superb business performance would be to assess the combination of culture and performance. Based on this matrix, SuperJuice would fall under Quadrant B since it pays high attention to corporate values while attention to business performance has been neglected. The top managers of SuperJuice have been able to create a strong and cohesive culture resulting to the loyalty and commitment of the workforce, but were unable to capitalize on its strengths for the benefit of the company. Now that the inadequacies of SuperJuice have been traced to the lack of harmony between the external and internal environments of the company, the next logical step would be to identify how the two could be reconciled to resolve SuperJuice’s problem of having limited profits and market share. At this point, it would be necessary for the company to go back to the planning stage, and pay a

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