Sustainability in Industry

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History of EMS As the industrial revolution began new standards are adopted to preserve the environment and control the pace of producing waste. In 1970 environmental laws were introduced and voluntary codes were designed for environmental management implementation samples for industrial bodies. These laws and codes helps in global trade by setting a benchmark for quality of product. Widespread concern for environmental protection emerged dramatically with the advent of the Industrial Revolution. Public outcries over smoke pouring from the stacks of coal burning factories, along with the eventual expansion of the petroleum industry, led to an early foothold for the ―Environmental Movement.‖ In 1919 the American Petroleum Institute (API)…show more content…
EMAS established specifications for voluntary environmental management systems for companies doing business in the European Union. For industry, a set of common guidelines would reduce costs and facilitate trade. In 1991 a Business Charter for Sustainable Development and a Guide to Effective Environmental Auditing. Another voluntary code of corporate environmental conduct was published by the International Chamber of Commerce, which was developed by the Coalition of Environmentally Responsible Economies (CERES). The ―CERES Principles‖ include acceptance of an environmental mission statement and a commitment to the production of environmental reports. In 1991, during the preparation for the Earth Summit, the international standards bodies, International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) formally established the Strategic Advisory Group on the Environment (SAGE) to develop recommendations regarding international standards for environmental management and received feedback from ISO and IEC members called for fewer duplicative 3 (and sometimes competing) corporate and governmental programs, as well as a call for a way to objectively validate industry commitment to effective environmental management. In 1993, ISO created Technical Committee 207 to develop an international EMS standard, along with other standards on environmental management tools and techniques. In 1996, the ISO 14001
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