Sustainable Marketing Plan For A Client

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“Sustainable marketing is the process of creating, communicating and delivering value to customers in such a way that both natural and human capital are preserved or enhanced throughout” Martin and Schouten (2013)

This paper will outline the sustainable marketing plan for a client. As the marketing consultant I will first analyse the organisation and its stakeholders2 and will offer a market report on this company, before putting a final report together (which will follow this initial paper).

Thwaites (Daniel) Plc is an independent family brewer, based in the north of England. Founded in 1807, under the Eanam name and later became a Limited (Ltd) company in 1897. Daniel Thwaites Ltd (named after the founder) has a rich heritage and is based in Blackburn, Lancashire and now known as Thwaites. The business is a Public Liability Company (Plc) listed on the ICAP Securities and Derivatives Exchange (ISDX) stock market.
Thwaites is synonymous with real ales and bitters1 but also owns an estate of public houses (pubs) and traditional inns. As well as this it owns hotels and spas that trade under a different brand, Shire Hotels. In addition to the above, the business also supplies their full range of drinks to independent establishments as well as packaging bottles beers to major supermarkets.

Market Research
Triple Bottom Line Analysis
Profit. The business has maintained a steady level of turnover for the last five year, see fig 1. The information gathered from

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