Sweden Tourism

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Sweden is located in Northern Europe on the Peninsula bordering Norway and Finland. Sweden is the third largest country in Western Europe covering 450,000 sq km of which 53 percent is forest and 9 percent is lakes and rivers. The total population of Sweden is about 9.5 million, a portion of the population is immigrants. Finland has the largest group of immigration along with other multiple countries surrounding Sweden. The capital of Is Stockholm and there official language is Swedish. They also speak five different languages not including English which is by far the most spoken language in this country. During the 1990’s to the early 2000’s Sweden joined a European Union but the citizens denied that currency change which remains Swedish…show more content…
A business person is limited on time in exploring and negotiating the cultural differences. Exploring a new country is generally to discuss business weather its importing or exporting goods.
The education standards in Sweden are similar to the United States. The education begins in day care and pre-school. After they begin to continue there education with a nine year compulsory school and a voluntary secondary school. Once the students are finished with there secondary school (high school), they are able to apply to universities and study more professional degrees. A vocational degree is trade specific degree which is presented before a bachelors degree. A great factor of having a foundation of Sweden is the welfare system provides free access to education. The international programs from the university and college education seek into providing free education for students under any condition. Many of there programs are similar to the United States as Fafsa provides help to students that are unable to afford college tuition. Since 2011, higher education has only been free for citizens that are European Union or European economic area. Sweden has a private business which is offered to encourage self improvement and furthering education. Sweden is an extremely developed country, seeking for the most knowledgeable and successful students. They are also
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