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Backlot Coffee was founded by John and Isaac in Summer of 2016. John, a seasoned barista and entrepreneur, has been operating coffee shops in Evanston for about 12 years. His other business ventures include Brother’s K and Other Brother Coffee, which he owned alongside his brother, and Boltwood, a New American Restaurant. While working at Boltwood, John met Isaac a bartender at Boltwood. More comfortable with operating coffee shops, John sold Boltwood and decided to pursue a new venture with Isaac as his co-owner. Together, the two desired to create a coffee shop experience that was unlike any other. Described as a “third wave coffee shop”, John and Isaac founded Backlot Coffee with the following mission statement:
On the north side of Evanston there is a community within a community called the “Backlot.” It is a place where a group of homes share a backyard, an open space often filled with laughter and play. It is a place of belonging, a place where neighbors can build and share a life together.
We each have our own “Backlots” — front stoops, back porches, public parks. We remember a time when we would disappear into those spaces and build elaborate worlds while the day turned quietly into night. Our Backlot was a safe place, a place where we could be ourselves and discover new possibilities for our lives. We created Backlot Coffee to be this kind of relaxed, creative space, an authentic community within a community. We created Backlot because we believe that fences

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