Swot Analysis : Supply Chain Management Essay

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Supply chain management is an astronomical part to doing any sort of business. This is how all functions within a business need to act together to produce the best product or service possible for customers all over the world. When running a business there are many competitors, regardless what product or service is being produced. Businesses can gain competitive advantages through operations because they need to differentiate themselves from other businesses. They can achieve this through strategic planning. All businesses need to focus on the core competencies of their company. If they don’t they will not run efficiently or effectively. Core competencies can be discovered by using a SWOT analysis to determine the strengths and weaknesses of that specific company. Each company should determine its core competencies and determine the most cost effective and least time consuming ways using their competencies. Companies can outsource some material to save time and money, but companies get what they pay/invest for when it comes to outsourcing. That is why going global is a critical task for a company that is looking to grow.
A Global View of Operations and Supply Chains
The term “Supply Chain Management” is a business model that takes a process-based view of how all of a business’ functions need to work together. Supply Chain Management is a way for business’ to relate to their suppliers and customers. In an interview by Darilyn Kane, she interviewed Douglas Lambert, the

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