Corecivic Essay

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While most people would love to believe that businesses are born into overnight success that is not always the case. Success takes time and usually is driven strategically by management. While there is no direct method to success, most organizations rely on strategic planning in order to come up with innovative ideas, think strategically and plan ahead to achieve success. In this paper, we will look at the CoreCivic Corporation and evaluate their business, their current situation, we will apply the SWOT analysis and measure their success according to strategic planning.
CoreCivic was established in 1984, originally named Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), as it was established to provide an extended service to local, state and federal prisons who were experiencing a high volume of overcrowding in their correctional facilities due to an influx in the number of inmates being incarcerated. Initially CoreCivic sought to manage the state of Tennessee’s criminal justice system. Protestors fought hard to make sure that didn’t happen and voted against it however; CoreCivic did not lose hope and instead built facilities throughout the United States that it would propose partnerships with to help address the country’s influx of overcrowding in various prisons and jails that were leading to inhumane conditions in relation to the housing of these inmates. Today, CoreCivic and GEO Group manage a large portion of these contracts to house inmates by partnering with various

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