Swot Analysis: The SWOT Analysis Of Apple Company

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In today's competitive environment, companies are increasingly aware of potential threats that could affect businesses. SWOT analysis is a tool to analyze strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for the internal and external environment. The purpose of SWOT analysis is to develop a fuller awareness of the situation that will help with strategic planning and decision making of companies. Furthermore, the paper will critically assess the SWOT analysis of Apple company.

Apple background
Apple Inc is a multinational technological company based in America, headquartered in Cupertino, California. The company was founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in 1976 (Macworld, 2016). Apple produces variety products such as consumer
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According to the survey conducted by The Harris Poll Quotient 2012, Apple is ranked in the first place among top brands.
According to Rob Enderele (2004), marketing strategy is one of the strength and survival of Apple. The company really understands the consumers' expectations about the products. Thus, the company should not have additional promotion and marketing strategy.
Places are one of the critical elements in achieving successful marketing. Retail stores are one of Apple competitive advantage. Because Apple's retail stores located in comfortable places such as malls (Techpinions, 2016). Furthermore, Apple's retail stores provide a high quality of customer experience. Thus, Apple is able to attract consumers since the company is understood the consumers preferred location and fully gives the best customer service which directly accounts in purchasing
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By 2017, it is expected there will be 2.6 billion smart-phone users in the world. Moreover, Apple sold more than 230 million iPhones worldwide and shipped nearly 50 million iPads (Statista, 2016). Therefore, Apple could benefit from this trend.
By expanding distribution network, Apple is expected to increase 11% to 13% of the market share in 3 years (Above Avalon, 2015). Thus, this can be advantage for Apple to maximize its sales and profitability
Recently, Apple is developing product diversification such as Apple watch, Apple TV, MacIntosh, Macbook air and others. Therefore, customers are able to have many options and will end up staying loyal to Apple.
Recently, mobile advertising is the growing and fastest industry in the advertising sector. By 2018, it is estimated to reach $42 billion (Mobyaffiliates, 2016). Through this, Apple is able to take a higher level of marketing strategy.
Demand for smart-phones are increasingly growing, last year, the shipment amounted to 1.43 billion (Statista, 2016). Thus, this trend can boost Apple's

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