TA-Orange Company

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Risk Management TA-Orange was one of the few companies to enter the cellular market in Thailand and it faced some stiff competition to begin with. But surprising enough it was able to survive easily and it took some stiff and extreme measures to ensure that. But besides the competition that they faced the company was exposed to a number of other risks as well and they shall be discussed in the latter parts of this paper. To beginning with they were exposed to a lot of market risk. It was not exactly unfamiliar territory for the company but they were going into an oligopolistic market. Although the horizon and scope of doing well was enormous but one thing that the company did not count on in the beginning was that they will be in no position to counter the price movements. The market was growing but it was stagnant in the way that the players were too few. Thailand is one of those countries in the east where the market for cellular phones is on the rise and every new innovation related to the field sets in rather well. But one thing that the customer over there wants is quality. Mind you we are looking at an educated and well aware market and that is why the company decided to focus on quality rather than anything else. They wanted it to be something they can count for in the future as well. They were well-equipped and had the desirable level of resources and infrastructure but what they did not count on was the economic risks involved pertaining to the inflation, dividend,

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