Taking a Look at Dell, Inc.

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Introduction Michael Dell was the founder member of the Dell Company back in the year 1984. Michael is one of the youngest known developers who have ever lived. He founded the company at the tender age of 19 while he was still a student at the University of Texas. Michael Dell’s journey of success started when he added features to personal computers that he obtained from local retailers. Michael therefore sold such computers that he had modified himself and after making profits he decided to expand his business by hiring more people to help him in the supplies. In 1985, to do the business on a permanent basis, he left school and began to manufacture his own computers and sold them with the aid of advertisement in publications of computers trade (Hunger, 2006). At the initial stages, the company was known as PCs Limited. The name of the company was however later changed in the year 1987 to Dell Computer Corporation. This was not the end of name changing as it was later branded as Dell, Inc., in the year 2003. The headquarters of the company were in Round Rock, Texas. It also had business units in various regions such as America, Asia Pacific, Europe and even the Middle East (Hunger 2006). Dell Computer Corporation did not however experience a smooth business all the way since they started having problems which is something normal for business enterprises. To start with, the company tended to be disorganized during the period of its rapid growth. This is attributed to the

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