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This apprehensible self-study book is designed to help students achieve their best personal score for IELTS exam in a few weeks. There’re a lot of books in this field to prepare you for IELTS exam, but many of them are so complicated and not understandable. The book is divided in four major sections –listening, reading, writing and speaking-like IELTS exam. All tips, techniques, strategies and advice are meant to be effective, increasing your task-solving speed, preventing typical mistakes and learning the tricks to face better with problems in each section of the exam. In the listening section, the author describes the routine of the exam and explains that listening is as a skill, not a gift. There are useful tips and strategies for improving your mark in listening such as: spelling task, know your clues in the recording, distraction in the recording-of younger and older people, men and women. You may also hear different accents-, chameleon questions, elimination and etc. Furthermore, the writer explains about different tarps in listening.1 - unexpected turn: you might hear someone speak about one thing and, suddenly, change it to completely different thing. You have to know the rule that the last word counts. 2 – Generalization: you might hear a list of things and say them all in one word-that’s the answer. 3 – Explicit answer choice: they are most often the traps, so be careful don’t fall it. As a result, with learning all tips, strategies and tricks, you can

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