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The Holden Monaro is a coupe sports car in the line of HSV, or Holden Sports Vehicles, made by its namesake Australian company. The car comes in a couple different specifications, but the engine is always either a V6 or a V8, making it a powerful and fast vehicle. The original Monaro was created in 1968 with different “species” of car throughout the next three years. The second generation of Holden Monaros was begun in 1971, which changed the body design of the car completely as well as made the V6 engine no longer an option. The 1970’s Monaro was definitely a muscle car, though over the years until 1977 the vehicle became more of a luxury sedan instead of the hard muscle it had begun with. The Monaro was finally reborn in the 2000’s and …show more content…
The distinct identity that this vehicle has in the marketplace is that it is a phoenix of cars, reborn out of the old model of the Holden Monaro and made into a new, slick version. Holden would position this in the market by saying that it is the most powerful mainstream Holden to be brought out, drawing people who desire that kind of brawn and intensity in a car. The focus of appeal for the vehicle was how the Monaro made a possible consumer feel. The older men would feel nostalgia by thinking of the old Monaro, even though the style of body would be different, the emotional attachment to the name of Monaro would be the same. The younger generation might look at the vehicle and feel drawn to its subtle curves and sporty body design, featuring the double scoop on the hood of the car. The focus of appeal might be imagining yourself behind the wheel of the Monaro and feeling the power of the engine and the bucket racing seats, knowing that the car you are driving is both luxurious and nimble. Something about just looking at the car or watching an advertisement on the television would stir an emotion in the target market, and make them likely to go for a test drive and ultimately (hopefully) purchase the car. In my personal opinion, the Holden Monaro does not hold a spectacularly distinct product position from the other Holden Sports Vehicles in that line of cars. The newer models of Holden Commodores are also revitalised versions of the same vehicle

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