Teaching, Learning, And Transformative Learning

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“At the heart of adult learning is engaging in, reflecting upon, and making meaning of our experiences, whether these experiences are primarily physical, emotional, cognitive, social, or spiritual. In much of our understanding of adult learning including the foundational work in andragogy, self-directed learning, and transformative learning, an adult 's life experiences generate learning as well as act as resources for learning (Merriam & Bierema, 2014).” When considering my beliefs about experience and the role it plays in our learning, I believe, much like Merriam and Berea do, that experiences are at the heart of learning. I believe that each individual is the sum total of their life experiences and that each person learns from those experiences, whether good or bad. To expand on this idea, Dewey said that “every experience lives on in further experiences.” He went on to explain that since these experiences live on in us, a person needs to select carefully what they will experience in the present knowing the future ramifications. The need to select carefully is best explained by the term mis-educative experience, where an experience can leave a person so upset, angry, or bitter, learning cannot occur from the experience (Dewey, 1961). “The resource of highest value in adult education is the learner’s experience (Dewey, 1961).” I believe this statement by Dewey to completely true and of the utmost important for learners of any age. Experience is what drives a person to

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