Teaching Students With Communication Disorders

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Communication is an important aspect of life and experiences. When it comes to learning communication plays a major role due to the fact that it allows children to participate in active and interactive communication with classmates and school personnel, which facilitate the learning process. Communication disorders consist of various problems in hearing, speech, and language. As we all know, speech and language can impact children in many ways such as how they talk, gain understanding, evaluate, and process information. Children with communication disorders usually do poorly in school. They repeatedly struggle to read, they have problems expressing and understanding language and social cues. They may demonstrate poor judgment, have trouble with tests taking, and also may sometimes refuse to go to school. • What does research recommend when it comes to teaching students with communication disorders in the general classroom? • What instructional based practice have been showing to be the most effective when working with students with communications disorders? • How student strengths and weaknesses will be measure in order to develop a proper curriculum for them. If there’s an existing curriculum, how it will be modified to meet the learners needs? • How planning and implementing curriculum accommodation in content areas is beneficial for the students? • What integrated speech and language services will be given in order to promote communicative competence? • Will any inclusive
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