Understand Theories Of Team Development

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UNDERSTANDING THEORIES OF TEAM AND TEAM WORKING 1.1. Outline the process of team development according to (Tuckman) the process of team development is in 4 stages and the development is as below Outlining the process • Forming • Storming • Norming • Performing • Transforming • Ending Explaining the process • FORMING:This is the introductory stage where individuals come together to become a team. At this stage, individuals are trying to find their place and as a result, we could have a lot of conflicts and other negativity appearing but this helps the group understand themselves better and value each other more. • STORMING: The challenging stage. This stage a lot of questions are asked like, what their aim is, their goals, what the team is …show more content…

They are transformed into a better workforce with the happier environment. • ENDING: This is when a team has found its purpose. They’ve found fulfilment and pursue other pursuits for something else. Analyse how shared goals can lead to team cohesion Cohesion occurs when team bonds with each, They have an objective. Communication is well understood. Everyone knows precisely their jobs and limitations. Coordination is perfect. Even when there is disagreement, it is a constructive one. They listen to one another and feedback is given when necessary. ThThis creates enthusiasm and indicates this to happen positively. Attitude at work is strong and setbacks mean nothing to them 1.2. Understanding the principles of effective teamwork, understanding theories of teams and team working. Explain why teams needs • Clear objective: Clear objective simply means what they are aiming a. Without clear objectives, there will be nothing to work for no aim. Clear objective helps the team to stay on …show more content…

• It could create solution to hard problem that could overtake an individual • It helps to improve organisations performance • It complements strength and helps in the division of labour. Work is divided to each teamwork instead of an individual doing everything.It reduces monitoring and when one is weak, others can be relied on for strength • Building a wall of trust which help provide a feeling of safety that allows ideas to emerge. It is easier to open and encourage others. • It encourages healthy risk taking together. They can take risk better, nobody likes taking risks alone. The risk with a team spreads out the responsibility for a failed assignment. 1.7. EXPLAIN LINES REPORTING AND RESPONIBLITY ON THE TEAM We have many aims of professions in my workplace. We have managers, registered medical nurse and more. If I notice anything I could record it down and talk to my supervisors about it. My supervisors are usually registered nurses and they could, in turn, talk to GPs, paramedics or whoever they think would be perfect to arrest the situation at

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