Team Personality Traits

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PSY/250 September 23, 2013 Team Personality Traits Team C’s personalities are mainly made up of who we are as individuals, and the way we are perceived by everyone else. Personality traits are specialized characteristics that an individual has, which together form a personality (The Lists, 2013). They can be both positive and negative, although judgment of that can be a matter of opinion. Personality traits are things used to describe an individuals behavior as well as a means of measurement in modern psychology. The Big Five are specific traits that are used to describe the human personality. The concept of the Big Five is from the work of Costa and McCrae and since 1992 has become one of the best methods for understanding the …show more content…

Member’s conscientiousness result put him in the upper percentile at 74%, indicating that he is well organized, and reliable. Member’s extroversion score put him in the lower percentile at 12%, which indicates that he likes to spend quiet time by himself. Member’s agreeableness score was in the upper percentage at 70%, this indicating that he is good-natured and tend to consider others feelings. Last, his neuroticism score in the lower percentile of 17%, indicating that he tend to be calm, secure, and relaxed. Member’s dominate personality trait is conscientiousness, conscientiousness people are more inclined to be self-discipline and prefer to plan rather than do things on impulse. The validity of the test result is based off how honest one answers the test question. Based on the answers given, the test result accurately portrays Member’s personality. Member Last, Member, who also used the “Big Five” personality test, found extreme scores at all levels of the personality assessment. In the field of openness to experience, measuring intellect, Nicholas scored high at 84%, reflecting an original, creative, and curious complexity. He scored a 94% in his reliability, organization, self-disciplined and cautious conscientiousness. Member’ personal high score of 97% displayed an agreeable extroverted personality trait, seen in sociable, friendly,

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