Technical Report On Information Management And Control

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TECHNICAL REPORT ON SHAREPOINT 7114 IBA INFORMATION MANAGEMENT AND CONTROL Nachiket Agarkar S2973613 SUMMARY The demand for easy access to internal and external documents and secured files within the organisation is important for all organisation. Sharepoint is one of the most efficient, flexible and easy to use application for storing information and documents with restricted access to view, add or overwrite to people within the organisation. You could say it’s the only tool you have to hammer and everything else look like a nail. Searching for emails, updating documents with the update version and resending the emails has been a hassle since years. SharePoint address business usage and communication needs to different organisation effectively. It is a fast growing and evolving technology. INTRODUCTION Sharepoint is a web application platform developed by Microsoft Corporation in the year 2001, it has various functions which difference it from the traditional separate application such as the intranet, extranet, content management, personal cloud, enterprise search, workflow management document management, web content management. Managing
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