Technology And Its Impact On Our Lives

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Technology is an ever expanding forefront that continues to push the limits of mankind 's capability. As humanity has grown, we have continued to expand technologies at the forefront of our needs. With every development we create, more issues are discovered. Developing communities may be the biggest challenge we face today, it is said that every day a city the size of Seattle is created. The population of these cities are faced with challenges that are far different and much more diverse than yours or mine. We live in cities have been laid out for decades, with an infrastructure for us to adopt and adapt. These developing cities often lack infrastructure which leaves the population to solve their own problems with ingenuity.

A few weeks back 45 foreign diplomats representing 25 countries attended a retreat in southern vermont. During their stay conversations included discussion of the ways in which each respective country was investing in sustainability. The retreat also shuttled the representatives around southern Vermont to showcase the practices that have been implemented here. This group of people called G77 are representatives from impoverished nations and were meeting to culminate sustainable practices for their respective countries and establish international partnerships along the way.

Lack of infrastructure is the single greatest challenge these populations face. Infrastructure is the keystone piece that keeps all of civilization running fluidly and without it
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