Technology At The Finest

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Technology At The Finest Our business will be called Technology At The Finest. This business will provide electronical parts to leading companies, as well as companies that need help around the world. Our purpose is to reach out to the companies that are kind of struggling to make it in the twenty first century. We will not strictly be selling our products to leading companies. and organizations because they already have everything planned out for their businesses. If they were to decline juristically in the market right now. They would have a backup plan for what they have to do. and get done to spike back up. However the companies that we are targeting do not have the ability to do such a thing. This business will help companies like this with their products, product placement, product databases, and slowly educate them on the things that they are going to need to succeed in this world. We are doing this because every business have to start from the bottom in order to build their ground. We will be using “MySQL” which is an open source database for our business because it is not only rated at number one, but also is not too pricy. Introduction MySQL stands for My Structured Query Language. MySQL is the most popular open-source database software now days. Chances are that you have ran across it once or twice in your programming classes. There is a battle between open source software and other software development programs out there. This does make you wonder if it’s time

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