Technology Department : The Classroom Is Vital, And Steve Job

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Technology in the classroom is vital, and Steve Job (Boomer, 2013) said it best, “If they’d be only one computer in every school, some of the kids would find it, and it would change their lives.” The local school district is a firm believer in this quote by Steve Jobs, however continuing to use an furnish the pupils throughout the school district with an Apple MacBook Air not so much. The continued rising cost of repairs along with rental contracts ending, the school district in now on the hunt for a more affordable one-to-one laptop for the students to use. Research is currently being conducted to determine the course of action the Technology Department will recommend to the school board. There are two types of research the technology department can perform to make their recommendations to the school board are qualitative or quantitative research. This paper will address the quantitative research that the technology department can use to support their recommendations.
Specific Quantitative Methods Regression Analysis, Linear Programing, and Data Mining are three specific quantitative research methods the local school district technology department. The three specific methods consist of Regression Analysis - the use of complex statistical equations. The analytical equations are used to estimate the impact one or more factors may have on an outcome. Linear Programming - explores the correlation of available data to identify any underlying, unmeasured factors
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