Television And Television : The Influence Of Television Commercials

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For anyone who watches television, they know how annoying commercials can be. However, they may not realize that the commercial can have more of an impact than the program they are watching. Television commercials influence people in a variety of ways from what products they are likely to buy all the way to changes they might make in their lives. In order to make the influence greater, advertisers use specific channels to promote their products or ideas to a target audience. This can be seen with the commercials that MTV (Music Television) airs versus the commercials that AMC (American Multi-Cinema).
While watching MTV from 5 pm to 6 pm there was over 40 commercials shown. One of these commercials was for truth tobacco. This commercial is mean to promote an end to smoking. There is hip hop music playing in the background used to capture the attention of the audience. The woman who is narrating uses a stern voice to say, “Low-income neighborhoods are more likely to have tobacco retailers near schools”. In the commercial this phrase is shown in large bold letter to make reading easier. The setting is placed in front of retailers for tobacco. Many different faces of young adults are also shown, showing that they are targeting to young adults to end smoking. These people are dressed in normal clothes along with the narrator. This makes the commercial feel similar to an interview or report.
Another commercial MTV aired was for Redbull. In this commercial they are promoting the

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