Essay about Tesco PLC and Its Effective Recruitment and Selection

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Tesco PLC and Its Effective Recruitment and Selection Application Forms - Tesco handle application forms on the Internet on their site '', using the 'PeopleBank Select' system. Here any application form for any positions at Tesco can be found. Each would have different requirements depending on what the job being applied for is. To apply for a particular job, all that has to be done is to complete the PeopleBank online CV, plus answer specific questions for Tesco. This in turn would then be submitted and stored on their database and in return a receipt would be sent to the applicants email address notifying them that it has been …show more content…

Advertisement - A job vacancy for people applying is only advertised on the internet on Tesco's website ''. These vacancy are only advertised online under the 'careers' sections where there recruit all sorts of people. There may be jobs advertised in Tesco's branches itself or newspapers etc but the use of Internet is there main ways of advertising most if not all vacancies/jobs.

Advertising jobs online has its advantages as it's cheaper than having it printed in newspapers for example and can be changed if required. Having the job advertised online enables applicants to refer to the vacancy when required without having to buy newspapers, travel to job centres and Tesco's branches to look at these adverts. It also may come in handy when filling in the application form as you could easily flick back and forward to refer to the advertisement when or if required. It also enables people/applicants to access to the advertisement 24/7 until the vacancy has been given to someone.

However there are a few disadvantages. Some people may not have access to the Internet making it difficult to view the advertisement for the particular job, which may involve them buying an Internet server such as Freeserve

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