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Brand Audit of TESLA Motor’s Owner The owner and director of Tesla Motor’s is Elon Musk, a South African born Canadian American, Inventor, Business magnate and global investor. (Johnston, 2014) His initial rise to Global success was due to his company PayPal which generated huge revenue providing secure monetary transactions online. PayPal was sold to eBay for 1.5 billion dollars in the year 2000. (Bellis, 2014) History Tesla Motor’s was started in 2003 by American entrepreneurs Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning, The name Tesla giving reference to the great electronic Inventor Nikola Tesla. The company was founded in the Silicon Valley, California. In 2004 Elon musk became the chief financial officer after contributing more…show more content…
Category and Scope Tesla forms part of the global Automotive Industry, more specially the sports car industry. The scope of this company is International with plans for further expansion into all developed countries (1st world). Tesla is also the first Automotive Company to become part of the “Electric” Automotive category which is a testament the brands strong ethical and technological competencies. What many said was impossible is now completely economical, infrastructural and sustainably viable in this modern era. Distribution The distribution of Tesla products is a revelation for the sale Automotive Vehicles. Instead of providing the Tesla electric car’s to independent dealerships, Tesla will be selling directly to the consumer. Construction of shops/showrooms in high foot traffic areas will provide information and promotion for their products. (Tesla Motors, 2014) The electric cars are being produced in California, North America and Europe in the “Tesla Factor” (CarsDirect, 2013). They are then exported to major deports across the world. Though the construction of the car is performed overseas, Tesla automotive service mechanics are located in every major city where they are being sold. Competitors Electric Car Competitor’s ZAP: Alias- This vehicle has a range of 100 miles and a much cheaper price compared too many other electric cars. Unfortunately it does not belong in any way to the “Sports car”

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