Tesla's Competition in the Green Automobile Market

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Tesla are competing with not only “green” vehicle market that consists of Electric vehicles (EV), plug in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) and hybrid vehicle, but with the overall vehicles industry. Let’s put into consideration that all major automakers are planning to launch or have launched electric/hybrid vehicles, which will increase the competition widely in the next years. As well defined the green vehicles are competing in the requirements of a usual car such as: speed, comfort, handling and fun. However, market breach will depend on battery pack costs, charging infrastructure, competing technologies, oil prices, manufacturer investments in EV and PHEVs, and consumer uncertainty of EV and PHEVs. Some of Tesla major competitors are BMW and Audi in the luxury category, as well as, Toyota Prius which is the most popular car in the hybrid market. BMW BMW is emerging in the green vehicle market; it has employed 2600 employees at the end of 2011 to focus on electric/hybrid technology. The BMW launched two vehicles one in 2011, the activeE and the other in 2013 the megacity vehicle. The ActiveE is erected on the BMW 1 Series Coupé; it is designed to take up to four passengers and can go from 0-60 mph in approximately 8.5 seconds. In the other hand, The MegaCity Vehicle will be a solid, urban tailgate with a carbon fiber passenger chamber and aluminum framework components. Its predicted to reach 100 miles range. Audi Franciscus van Meel, Audi’s manager for electric mobility

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