Testicular Cancer Research Papers

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Testicular cancer is when their is an abnormal growth in the testicas from malignant cells. Cancer in the testicals is very rare since it not hereditary, and it is very curable when found in its early stages (source,year)., Iit is mostly only cause by when germ cells (sperm cells) mutate in such a way that it causes cancer (1). With testicular cancer there is 1/263 ca]hance that males will get testicular cancer, but there is a 1/5000 chance from dieing dying from testicular cancer (2). There are two most common forms of tesicular cancer in males, seminoma cancer and nonseminoma. Seminoma testicular cancer is slow growing and will often not migrate far from its original location. Nonseminoma testicular cancer is fast growing and spreads more quickly unlike Seminoma. With testicular cancer males will often have an abnormal lump in the socrum, a feeling of added weight to the socrum, or even some slight pain as well. (3)

The cell type of testicular cancer is most
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It shows that Non-Semiomas testicular cancer. originates from non gamete cells, is more prominent in younger males, and tends to be more commen at the age of twenty five and then starts weaning away. While for Seminomas testicular cancer, originates from the gemete cells, it is more prevelent in older males, and it doesnt wean off at a higher rate like Non-Seminoma testicular cancer, it stays more frequent then Semioma Testicular cancer.
The first image on the left shows normal testicals that have no abnormal lumps to it that may be signs of testicular cancer, while the one on the right shows abnormal cell growth that may be benign or malignant. Testicals should have an even shape and consistency without any lumps or abnormal ridges to it, and the testies should have an egg or oval shape to
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